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Rake Caddy Canada
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Product Description


  • Tight Tooth rake design creates narrower grooves in the sand for better results.
  • Less than 1 lb. Lightweight and portable. Easily fits on or in your golf bag. 
  • The easy Push To Open, Push to Close patented lock system ensures smooth raking both forwards and reverse.
  • Easy to use thumb latch that extends the handle from 24" to 36".
  • 24" to 36" aluminum extension handle.
  • 12" wide rake head folds to 3” wide.
  • Durable. Made from the same stuff pick-up truck running boards are made of. 
  • Stay Healthy. You'll now have your own personal rake to use on courses! 
  • Fits easily into the side loop or pocket of your golf bag.
  • Easy to Clean. Just run under warm water and wipe dry.

Frequently asked questions

We manufacture and assemble in British Columbia, Canada, although we currently import our pole. We plan to move to 100% Canadian eventually.

It’s made from the same durable, high-quality material that is used for pickup truck running boards. 

It’s super lightweight and is less than 1Lb. That was important to us as it’s about portability.

Rake Caddy hangs nicely from a golf bag ring or umbrella strap. It also fits in the club compartment if you like, although we like it on the outside of the bag. 

When retracted, it also fits into the apparel pocket of most bags and is a great place to store it when not in use (Note: we recommend knocking excess sand off before putting it in your bag). 

Tap the rake gently after every use to knock off excess sand, and we recommend warm water to hose it down before storing it to keep it clean. 

The rake seems to always be on the other side of the bunker. By having yours close by, you not only increase convenience by not having to walk around to find one (and clean up the extra footprints), but it also speeds up play and keeps you in sync with your playing partners. Caddies love them for this reason too.

When opened, the wingspan is 12” wide. When closed, it’s 2 1/2” wide. Nice and compact. 

When the pole is extended, it’s 36” long. When retracted, it’s 24”, short enough to fit in your bag, and easy to carry. Some people leave it extended and carry it like a club in their bag, while others like to keep it tucked away, till needed. Lots of options.